isaiah chapter six verse eight
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I met him and it changed his life. I wasn’t expecting it to change mine.

This is what happens when you surrender to hope, when you love someone else and you build a home to keep their children safe. You give them shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.

This is how the story goes...

You become friends and the children steal your heart. You make meals, fellowship, work hard and spend time together.

You give and give and give...

and in the end you receive more than you give

You build a house, a gift for a family and now they are a part of yours.

This is the heart of who we are. This is the story of a family that is now our family. When we built her family a home, this little girl said the greatest part of the gift is she feels safe and is no longer afraid.

This is how the story goes...when something changes your life, it changes other people’s lives too.

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